February 04, 2009

Theory of Evolution in the News

Darwin was Wrong! - New Scientist
I've noticed Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution has been on the newsstands more than ever before. On the eye catching covers of popular science magazines such as National Geographic and one of my favorite subscriptions, Discover. Even the ones that doesn't mention it on their cover has an article within it's pages. This could only mean a good thing - the more exposure to the topic, the more the people gets educated to this ever more important subject. And where are the topics regarding ID? Rare! Why? What interesting things can they talk about other than refuting the theory of evolution?

On my way home yesterday, I saw on this newsstands that I frequent, on the cover of New Scientist magazine, "Darwin was Wrong!" Initially I didn't know what to make of it. Then I thought, of course Darwin was wrong on several occasions but the theory still stands true. Same as other scientists before who formulated theories such as Newton and Einstein but their proven mistakes only strengthened the theories by correcting them. In scientific method, facts are gathered and tested against the theory and conclusions formulated resulting in the theory totally rejected or made better. Reversing the method would be like, um - dogma. Such as creationism. One conclusion with varying methods of deriving 'facts'. I thought I disapproved the magazines sensationalistic headline but I've changed my mind - let people take notice.

I haven't actually read the article fully because I don't have a subscription to New Scientist because it's pricey. Yes, I'm cheap parsimonious.

The theory of evolution is one of the most important ideas in science, if not the most important. It is at the core of Biology because it's areas only fully make sense in light of evolution, from Embryology, to Paleontology, to Genetics and so on. It is also a very significant influence on other fields of Science such as Astrophysics, Computer Programming, Psychology, Sociology, perhaps all fields of Science. How could Intelligent design advocates attack a theory that not only has contributed much to the improvement of the living but at the same time accumulates mounting evidence by day.

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